We were all “the new kid” once—in school, at a dance class, on the first day of work. And this story is no different, except instead of cafeteria jitters or office floor plans, I wanted to conquer the famously front-row runway seats at New York Fashion Week. (No pressure!) Let’s read on, and perhaps sip on some martinis, for the big week ahead.

When I started planning my internship abroad, on of the top of my bucket list was to attend NYFW but I always thought it’s for the high profile influencer who has thousands of following. Let me burst the bubble here, no matter what your following is if you are passionate and share quality content. NYFW isn’t far away.

Where To Begin

Download the PDF NYFW schedule for your reference. Highlight all the shows you want to attend.

Next head over to Modem (def. online list with all the brand or PR contacts). Look for all the shows you want to attend and email each of their PR Teams/contacts listed. Make sure to keep your email straight to the point. Nobody cares about a stranger, it’s all about what’s in it for them.

Haven’t heard back 2 weeks before the show starts? Fashion week is a busy time for them and it’s totally fine to follow up.

Here’s a sample email template to PR. Don’t just copy and paste. Keep in mind, this still needs some critical thinking and personality!

Hi XX,

My name is XXX and I am the editor of XXX, a beauty and lifestyle blog sharing the latest on fashion news, product reviews, brand launches, and event coverage.

I’d like to request invites and/or access to the backstage area to the _________ show. To give you an idea of my reach here are my latest stats from Google Analytics:

Page Views: XXX,XXX

Uniques: XXX,XXX

Instagram: XXX,XXX

YouTube: XXX,XXX


My past New York Fashion Week coverage can be found here: (include a tag URL of your previous coverage)

Check With Your Contacts

Remember those annoying PR emails you get that are usually filled with information about some product you may or may not care about. Well, that PR gal may know a PR gal who is doing something with a designer or a brand at NYFW. Here’s where being nice and polite will always work in your favor.

What got me into the game was running into a stranger on the streets. When I moved I knew no one, like, not even a single person in the city. And about 1 week later I was attending New York Fashion Week. So now you see you never know where life is gonna take you. It’s all part of the adventure.

So reach out to the gal you admire and offer to volunteer to cover the shows for them. This means work though. You will have to be a stellar writer and deliver on stupid tight deadlines and still get up and get pretty and show up for 7 am call times. Posts generally need to go up within hours of the show. Which unfortunately means no afterparty for you!

And lastly, DON’T GIVE UP! You’ll get billions no’s before you get your first yes. I know everyone says this but I promise you no truer words have been typed or spoken. Plus, it takes time to develop trust with people in the industry. Enjoy the coffee dates because this will be the beginning of some career-long relationships!

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