Honestly, I feel betrayed.

I know, I know. You probably heard this hack years ago, or like me your just finding it out right now. So let’s bump back to my adventures as pr-intern in New York City last year.  

I was walking at 34th st. on my way to my first day of work when I realized the back of one of my earrings was missing. Panicked, I dumped the contents of my bag all over the busy street in the hopes I would find a spare back. (I didn’t.) I considered I could balance an earring in my lobe the entire day. (I couldn’t.) So I decided to do what any normal person with confidence would do in the name of FaShUN: I removed the backless earring and carried on pretending I had planned to rock a single one all along.

On my way back I walked into a girl that lived in the same building as me and she told me this lifechanging eraser hack: 

All you do is cut the eraser from an unused pencil and pierce the pole of the earring through its center. That’s literally it.

– Webster Girl ’18

And it works! I wore mine for about 8hours without any problems. How about *you*? How are you feeling RN?

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