Greetings Internet! I hope you’re staying safe out there and taking the social distancing measures seriously because it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’ve spent the past week at home, which is so rare considering I’m usually always on the go. It’s been a nice change of pace, but I have to be honest, the first few days of quarantine left me wondering what to do with myself – the whole work from home situation. Now that we’re getting into a rhythm and routine, it’s gotten easier to keep myself occupied with things that actually matter. If you’re not sure how to stay productive while quarantined, here are some activities you can get started on now.

1 ) Take a Break from Social Media & the News

The quickest way to not be productive is staying glued to your phone and the news. We all want to stay updated and informed during a crisis like this, especially as things change so rapidly, but try checking in a few times a day rather than keeping the news on all day. Plus, it only exacerbates stress. So, first things first, log off.

2 ) Learn Something New

If you’ve ever wanted to start a new hobby or learn something completely out of your comfort zone, now is the time! I’ve been looking into the masterclass on leadership from Anna Wintour and a crash course in Spanish for weeks now. Learning goes beyond that – you can learn how to play an instrument, calligraphy, or even coding! Whatever it is, you’ll certainly stay productive for hours on end!

3 ) Start a New Book

Every year, one of my resolutions is to read more books, and I’ll be honest that I rarely reach the number I strive to hit (one a month). Now that I’m finally home, reading is becoming a priority and it’s so relaxing. Whether you’re more of an adventure reader and love fiction – or prefer self-help books that will kickstart your career, reading is a great way to use your time if you’re not sure how to stay productive. (My favorite one is Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rossen.)

4 ) Work Out at Home

Fitness isn’t my forte, but perhaps I can use all the endorphins I can get. YouTube is a great source for beginners like me. From ballet to yoga and more, exercising is a proven way to alleviate stress and induce relaxation. You don’t need much to get started either – just some workout bands and a mat. 

5 ) Try Meditation & Journaling

I’m sure you’ve been told for years now that meditation and journaling is great for your mental and emotional health. Though I try to get in a routine, it’s hard to make it stick. With more free time than usual, this is the perfect opportunity to reset your morning and/or evening routine. Journal about the things you’re grateful for, especially as we’re all going through hard times. Set the timer on your phone for just 10 minutes to close your eyes and breathe.

6 ) Rack Up the Social Content

As an online marketer myself, creating consistent social media content is the biggest struggle! Working on a backlog of posts and planning ahead on your content calendar is a surefire way to stay productive right now. If you can’t go out to shoot content, perhaps you can film a YouTube or IGTV video – or even work on some tutorials. What would you guys like to see from me?

7 ) Clean your Makeup Brushes

I love makeup but cleaning my brushes can be a tedious process! Take a few minutes out of the day to clean those brushes. You can make your own at-home solution using antibacterial soap and some extra virgin olive oil – or you can use this natural brush cleanser. Silicone mats really help get the grime out of my brushes. Once you’re finished, wipe down all the handles of your brushes with antibacterial wipes.

8 ) Learn a New Makeup Look

Now that you have clean makeup brushes, perhaps now is the time to learn a new look! I’ve been binging on IGTV and YouTube makeup tutorials from artists I love. If you need some new gurus to watch, I highly recommend Amy Conway – her tutorials are simple and quick but beautiful! NikkieTutorials does that glow like no one else – can’t wait to try out some of her looks in the summer! Finally, Sir John does the best inspiring looks.

Also, FYI, in case you’re interested, I’ve been working remote these days. Working full time on webinar software is crazzzzyyy at this time. But I’m glad I can help businesses, schools, and events with continuing their normal schedule online. I hope this was helpful if you needed ways to stay productive! Let me know what you’ve been up to these past few days.

Chat soon,

x Sanne

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