As I am sure you all know by this stage, I recently moved here in NYC. I’m presuming you know because I feel like it’s all I’ve talked about the past year, haha! It was definitely a process and one that sometimes was a little more stressful than I would have liked. But…thankfully, I lived to tell the tale. So today I wanted to chat a little more about it. There was a lot I learned throughout the move, and I thought it might be helpful to share a few of those key things in this post. Hopefully, this will help any of you who are also going through a move or have one coming up.

1) The Less You Have The Better

This is probably a little obvious but I can’t stress it enough. I feel that us New Yorkers (can I call myself a New Yorker after 7 months?!) tend to hoard. It’s not totally our fault. We live in small spaces and it’s very easy to collect things here and even easier to hold on to them. However, trust me when I say, you do not need HALF of your stuff. I had a huge clear out before I moved and it made the whole process so much easier (& cheaper). It also made unpacking in my new place a lot more straight forward as I knew everything I was bringing with me were things I loved and needed. I was so happy finding places for them all.

2) It’s Going To Be A LOT!

I’m not trying to scare you but moving (to New York) is no small task. I’m definitely guilty of thinking it was going to be easier than it was. I thought packing up my whole life and moving here from the Netherlands was hard but I think this could have been worse haha! Between organizing the timing of the whole thing i.e. visa process, finding a studio, selling things I didn’t need and packing everything, I realized it takes a lot of time and patience. But if you’re ready for this & come to terms with it before you start you will be so much better off. Often, things have to get worse before they get better.

3) Using Smart Moving Solutions Is A Game Changer

If you can do anything to make the whole thing more seamless, DO it. So instead of buying extra suitcases and filling them up, I bought the basics in the week after I arrived. We simply walked down a few blocks, bought some towels and a shower caddy at the shop. It couldn’t have been more straight forward. Although I remember my first question in a Facebook student group; ‘do I need to bring towels?’ Like I was scared, they wouldn’t have it here. Not to mention it is SO much better for the environment. Oh and on a quick side note, I also stuck down a note in our community laundry with a request for clothing hangers which made moving in a little easier too.

4) You Can NEVER Be Too Organised

I think this one definitely speaks to someone like me who moved from a parents home to a residential building. The reason for this is that in residential buildings you can’t just show up with your stuff to move in. You need to book a time in advance to use the room. You also need to let them know when you’re expecting to move out. These can book up so it’s definitely best to do it in advance especially as you need to co-ordinate with your internship as well. Another lesson I learned was staying in touch. Because I contacted them like every few months I landed in a room even tho everyone said it was full. Small things but definitely ones to note.

5) It’s Worth It!

… And lastly (if I haven’t turned you off moving by now, LOL) I learned that it is all SO worth it in the end. Even with all the stress involved, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I actually regret not doing it sooner. Since moving, I feel like I have got rid of so much stuff and it has just given me such a new lease of life here. All (well most ;)) of the moving chaos seems like a distant memory now.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and if you would like to see my moving process in a little more detail be sure to check out all of the city VLOG’s on my YT channel. I even share some more moving hacks here and there.

Chat soon,

x Sanne

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